Soledad Cooperativa Fuensalida is a Cooperative winery established in 1964. It is primarily dedicated to processing, packaging and bottling wine under the I.G.P. “Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla”.

The Members of Ntra. Sra de La Soledad have a long and proud tradition spanning centuries of local winemaking. The cooperative is the first in Fuensalida and one of the first in the Northern Zone of Toledo.

Currently, it has more than 600 members from Fuensalida and its region. It has an average annual production of 6 million kilograms of grapes: Grenache,  Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Cencibel, all sourced from local vineyards. From this, a wide selection of young, oak aged and technologically produced wines, red and rosé, are made for all kinds of consumers.

The mayority of our vineyards are still planted in globet style (traditional grown) and non-irrigated (fedrained) with a average age over of 30 years old.

Our facilities of 23.615m2 mix traditional concrete tanks with the latest technology of stainless steel wine production tanks, gravity tanks and Ganymede tanks.